TSM rekrytoi kolme uutta Fortnite-pelaajaa

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Team SoloMid on ilmoittanut rekrytoineensa kolme uutta Fortnite-pelaajaa: Maria 'ChicaLive' Lopez, Karman 'Kaysid' Sidhu ja Noah 'Cowboy' Cmiel.

Näin asiaa kommentoi ChicaLive.

"Joining TSM is an absolute dream come true. It's a blessing to be among some of the world's most talented and passionate gaming competitors/entertainers. I have a deep respect and admiration for the individual members of TSM as well as the organization. I look forward to bringing my own unique content to the table and I'm excited for the future with TSM. Last and most importantly, if you have supported me throughout my journey, I am eternally grateful to you and inspired by you every single day" ChicaLive said.

Photo: Team SoloMid

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