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Aiemmin tällä viikolla raportoitiin e-urheiluorganisaatio Team Singularityn joutuneen useiden syytösten kohteeksi väärinkäytöksistä. Muun muassa palkkoja olisi jätetty maksamatta ja sijoittajia huijattu. Nyt Esports News UK on saanut lausunnon Singularityn omistajalta Atle Stehouwerilta. Vääryyksiä on tapahtunut, väärinymmärryksiä on tehty, mutta palkkarahat on maksettu.

Lue kuvan alta olennaiset osat lausunnosta englanniksi, ja loput yllä olevasta linkistä Esports News UK -sivustolta.

League of Legends
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"Ever since entering League of Legends in April 2017, we've trusted our League team manager Frederik 'Zeus' Holst to handle the negotiations with players and coaches since we didn't have any experience in LoL. Frederik and Marcus traveled with the team to PGW Clash of Nations and the ESL UK Premiership final, and afterwards there have been some misunderstandings leading to various Twitter statements."

"All players have received money according to agreements, and prize money has always been distributed as soon as it's in our account. We've been negotiating with investors coming directly into the league division in SNG, but when negotiations were dropped on the floor, Frederik had sadly already told the players, and given them false promises in regards to season 2018 salary level and such... this is not the policy of the Team Singularity organisation, but we had to deal with the damage caused anyway."

"We suspended Frederik immediately after finding out in November, but due to many small roster changes, stand-ins and both Polish and Danish leagues ending in December, we asked Frederik to coordinate them until they were finished so that we could have a solid solution."

"Shortly after Christmas he was told that he'd no longer be a part of the SNG league division, and was asked to hand over all information about players, previous negotiations and such to the ones who would lift the League division in 2018."

"Unfortunately most of the info is true, albeit framed in a way to make Zeus look particularly bad, when most of what he did was due to incompetence rather than greed. He did start throwing sh*t when the team lost [in the Prem final], but not at anyone. It was just childish, it wasn't threatening."

"I know Zeus well after working with him closely, and people are trying to make him look like he did all this out of spite and greed, which really isn't true. But whatever - he is doomed now because his reputation is down the drain. I just think it's sad and mean, he was just incompetent in certain ways. Maybe he deserves to lose his job but definitely not this insane amount of personal hate."

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