Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution oli pelinä iso juttu silloin joskus vuonna 2011, ja tämä herätti elokuva-alan huomion: miten olisi Deus Ex -elokuva? Käsikirjoituskin tehtiin, ja siinä kunnostautuivat Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange) ja C. Robert Cargill. Tämä työ on nyt verkossa luettavissa, vaikka mitään elokuvaa ei koskaan tehtykään. Pääosassa piti tietysti olla Adam Jensen, kuten asiaan kuuluu.

Lukaise lisää täältä ja haaveksi, miten olisikaan voinut mennä.

Jensen, eyes closed, lies in a bed, sheet [sic] covering his body. He looks normal enough, save a hexagon carved into the left side of his forehead, and two metal crescents flanking his eyes.
Jensen's eyes SNAP open. He sits up, quick, confused and disoriented. As he does, the sheet falls away to reveal his legs and torso. He looks like a man, and more. His chest and arms are covered in titanium-infused sheets grafted to his natural skin. His arms are entirely cybernetic, as are his hands which are now black and shiny.

He looks around, and when he does, his world is one of sensory overload — colors too bright, sounds too loud, like his mind is some kind of perverse echo chamber.

He's in a large lab filled with medical and scientific machines, and devoid of life. Megan's necklace rests on a small table, and everything is in ultra high definition — no shadow can hide you from him. He blinks and a tactical grid manifests over his POV. Microprocessors record everything he's seeing, as every item is identified as a possible weapon and/or threat. All in less time than it takes you to blink.

Jensen stands, abruptly. He's naked. Seen from the back, we note that his spinal column has been replaced with an alloy frame that attaches to all four limbs, and that the lower half of each leg has been replaced with cybernetics."

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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