Sea of Thieves
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Sea of Thievesin luova ohjaaja valitsi ammattinsa käytyään Disneylandin Pirates of the Caribbeania katsomassa

Raren Mike Chapman

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Noin viikko sitten Rare näytti kuvamateriaalia tulevasta Sea of Thievesin päivityksestä A Pirate's Life, jossa seikkailee muun muassa Pirates of the Caribbeanin kapteeni Jack Sparrow. Gamereactorille tarjoutui mahdollisuus haastatella luovaa ohjaajaa Mike Chapmania. Hän kertoi tehneensä ammatinvalintansa käytyään kokemassa Pirates of the Caribbeania Disneylandissa lapsena.

"I don't think I would be a game designer if I hadn't ridden the Pirates of the Caribbean ride or the Haunted Mansion when I was growing up. When I rode those attractions, they transport you to another world, and that memory stuck with me. Then, a little bit older, playing Monkey Island resonated with me because you can trace the inspiration back to the attraction. Even later, as a game designer, I think you can learn so much about game design and level design by visiting Disneyland, in terms of how they theme the areas, how they use line of sight, how they use lighting, environmental storytelling to immerse you in those locations. That for me was such a fantastic inspiration."

Kehittäjille projekti Pirates of the Caribbeanin kanssa on ollut unelmien täyttymys.

"So many times I've heard the team mention this in their own way, that this is like the chance of a lifetime, this is a dream come true for them, because they are getting to play in that world, to kind of put a fresh twist on it, to make it a fully immersive location," said Chapman. "Even though it's semi-interactive, the ride and the movie, the chance to create that in the game space, but not just to create it, but to put our own creative twist on it as part of an original story, it doesn't quite feel real yet."

Sea of Thieves

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