Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

NBK sai lähdön Team Vitalityn CS:GO-joukkueesta

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Team Vitality on poistanut Nathan 'NBK' Schmittin CS:GO-joukkueestaan. Asiasta ilmoitti Twitter.

"CSGO Update: we decided to remove @NBK from the starting roster. The team has shown amazing results but a change was needed as the squad in its current form, with 2 in-game leaders, reached its limits."

"NBK's professionalism, talent & dedication played a big part in the many achievements recorded since the creation of the squad. However, the entire team had a hard time being consistent recently and a big decision was mandatory to go forward."

"As of now, NBK is still under contract with Team Vitality and a decision regarding his future will come in the upcoming days."

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: DreamHack

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