Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Comen kuninkaallinen versio lupaa 150 tuntia tekemistä

Warhorse Studion PR-vastaava Tobials Stolz-Zwilling kertoi studion suunnitelmista E3-messuilla.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance sai vastikään pelin Royal Edition -version julkaistua. Keskustelimme E3-messuilla kehittäjätiimi Warhorse Gamesin PR-vastaava Tobias Stolz-Zwillingin kanssa aiemmista sekä tulevista suunnitelmista. Kääntyipä puhe myös A Woman's Lot -laajennukseenkin.

"The reception was perfect actually for us. For the people, I mean, it's the biggest DLC we've released so far, where you can play as a female, as Theresa. You have a long questline where you can play Johanka, she has trouble with the Church because heresy and so on, and reception is really good because I was talking to a colleague earlier today, and we feel like the topics we take on there are way more mature, and the people also appreciate that. People like the jokes in Kingdom Come, but this particular storyline with Theresa and Johanka are way more mature."

Royal Edition on otettu pelaajien toimesta hyvin vastaan. Paketti niputtaa lisäsisällöt yksiin kansiin, mikä tekee kokonaisuudesta massiivisen.

"The Royal Edition brings to the table what we actually in the first place attempted to bring with Kingdom Come: Deliverance. So it's the base game, all DLCs we've ever released - the free ones, the paid ones - so it's all crammed together in one huge game, and I tend to say it's an 150-hours game or something like that now you have all the DLCs in."

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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