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Making of... (videot)

Melkoisen määrän ovat näitä saaneet youtubeen pukattua, ennen näihin pääsi käsiksi lähinnä joidenkin harvojen collectors editioneiden myötä.

Näihin kun viellä yhdistää GDC videot ja kaiken maailman post-mortemit niin saa välillä melko hyviä vinkkejä myös pelienkehitykseen yleisesti. Erityisesti luovat ratkaisut ongelmiin ja hauskat tavat feikata asioita parantaakseen peliä voivat olla hyvin käyttökelpoisia vielä tänäkin päivänä.
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The Invisible Hours - Dev Diary #1
*Meet the team and talent behind the truth of The Invisible Hours. Seeing is Believing.

The Invisible Hours - Dev Diary #2
*Learn the truth of the world's first Immersive Theatre VR experience. The Invisible Hours: Truth is a Matter of Perspective

The Invisible Hours - Sarah Bernhardt
*Meet the Divine Sarah in the flesh, played by Fiona Rene. The Invisible Hours: Truth is a matter of perspective.

The Invisible Hours - Flora White
*The phenomenal and multifaceted Katherine Carlton is the vulnerable Flora White, Nikola Tesla's former secretary. The Invisible Hours: Seeing is Believing.


Frostpunk developers on hope, misery, and the ultimately terrifying book of laws
*11 Bit Studios tell us all about the inspiration and development of their grim city-building survival game.


Dev Diary: Welcome to Jurassic World


PlayLink - Hidden Agenda Dev Diary


Vampyr - Webseries: DONTNOD Presents Episode 1 - Making Monsters

Vampyr - DONTNOD Presents: Episode 2 - Architects of the Obscure

Vampyr - DONTNOD Presents: Episode 3 - Human After All | PS4

Vampyr - DONTNOD Presents: Episode 4 - Stories from the Dark
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Downward Spiral: Horus Station - Dev Diary 1 - SOUND

Downward Spiral: Horus Station - Dev Diary 2 - ART

Downward Spiral: Horus Station - Dev Diary 3 - ZERO G
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The Name of the Game - Documentary | Official 2018 Trailer [HD] | #notg

*The Name of the Game is a feature-length documentary about the team up between the legendary arcade game designer, Eugene Jarvis, and the Finnish game developer, Housemarque. The end result of the collaboration was the critically acclaimed PS4/PC title Nex Machina. The film gives the audience an unprecedented access to the unpredictable and plain crazy world of making a game - uncensored. This won't be your average video game documentary.
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The History of Bethesda Game Studios - Elder Scrolls / Fallout Documentary

*Embark on a quest through the history of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. With insight into the development of everything from Arena to Fallout 4, Noclip takes you on a journey through the creative process of one of the most prolific RPG designers in gaming history.
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PlayStation Live From E3 Day 1 (2018 )

11:00 AM - The Last of Us Part II | E3 Coliseum Panel
12:00 PM - Ghost of Tsushima | Gameplay Rewind
12:15 PM - Dreams | Live Gameplay Demo
12:45 PM - Spyro Reignited Trilogy | Live Gameplay Demo
1:00 PM - Days Gone | Live Gameplay Demo
1:15 PM - The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit
1:30 PM - Marvel's Spider-Man | Live Gameplay Demo
2:00 PM - Concrete Genie | Live Gameplay Demo
2:15 PM - Kingdom Hearts 3 | Developer Interview
2:30 PM - Assassin's Creed Odyssey | Developer Interview
2:45 PM - Hitman 2 | Developer Interview
3:00 PM - Death Stranding | E3 Coliseum Panel
4:00 PM - Resident Evil 2 | Live Gameplay Demo
4:15 PM - Trover Save the Universe | Justin Roiland Interview
4:45 PM - Nioh 2 | Developer Interview
5:00 PM - Anthem | Developer Interview
5:15 PM - Days Gone | Developer Interview
5:30 PM - Scuf Vantage Controller Unboxing
5:45 PM - Just Cause 4 | Developer Interview
6:15 PM - Shadow of the Tomb Raider | Developer Interview
6:30 PM - Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII | Developer Interview


Xbox E3 Media Briefing


The PC Gaming Show at E3 2018
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E3 Coliseum: Cyberpunk 2077
Join CD PROJEKT RED developers for a discussion about Cyberpunk 2077.
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NVIDIA Exclusive: Prey Mooncrash DLC Developer Deep Dive
*Join the Bethesda and Arkane Studios teams for an incredibly detailed look at their upcoming Prey Mooncrash DLC.
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PlayStation Live From E3 Day 2

10:00 AM - Evasion | PS VR Preview
10:15 AM - Firewall Zero Hour | PS VR Preview
10:25 AM - Astro Bot Rescue Mission | PS VR Preview
10:35 AM - Tetris Effect | PS VR Preview
10:45 AM - Ghost Giant | PS VR Preview
10:55 AM - Creed: Rise to Glory | PS VR Preview
11:05 AM - Vacation Simulator | PS VR Preview
11:30 AM - Dreams | Developer Interview
11:45 AM - Trials Rising | Developer Interview
12:00 PM - Concrete Genie | Creation Demo
12:15 PM - Control | Developer Interview
12:30 PM - Days Gone | Live Gameplay Demo
1:00 PM - The Walking Dead: The Final Season | Developer Interview
1:15 PM - Skull & Bones | Developer Interview
1:30 PM - Dead or Alive 6 | Developer Interview
1:45 PM - Rage 2 | Developer Interview
2:45 PM - 11-11: Memories Retold| Developer Interview
3:00 PM - Ghost of Tsushima | The World of Tsushima
3:15 PM - SoulCalibur VI | Developer Interview
3:30 PM - Destiny 2: Forsaken | Developer Interview
3:45 PM - LEGO DC Super-Villains | Developer Interview
4:00 PM - Death Stranding | with Hideo Kojima and Hermen Hulst
4:30 PM - The Last of Us Part II | Developer Interview
4:$5 PM - PlayStation Access: E3 Reactions
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Control Dev Diary 01 - Introducing the Story
*We will be starting a series of Dev Diaries for Control which will introduce and tease different aspects of the game. The first episode introduces the story of Control.
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An interview with Kevin Eastman (creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & publisher of Heavy Metal magazine) & Ritual Entertainment (developer of Heavy Metal FAKK 2 & SiN) on Oct 13th 1999
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Shenmue: Return To Dobuita Street
*Join Adam Koralik and Imran Yusuf as they revisited the real life location of Dobuita Street, the iconic place that was recreated in Shenmue.
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ARTtech seminars - Jon Hare: The sociable approach to cretive direction
*Jon Hare talks about his role as creative director on the cross-platform sports title 'Sociable Soccer' and the challenges that he and the Combo Breaker team have faced along the way so far. With 30 years of experience in the games industry Jon Hare is one of Europe's best known creative directors and game designers with over 10 international number one games to his name, including "Sensible World of Soccer" the most influential European developed game of all time according to Stanford University.


Fireside chat - Jon Hare
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Santa Monica Studio details the epic creation of God of War's unforgettable Stranger fight
*A blow by blow account of how the game's first big boss battle came to be. Warning: spoilers within
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Insomniac interview: the tech behind Marvel's Spider-Man

Q : The open-world you've built here is stunning — and it's impressive to see how fluidly it renders while Spidey swings through it at breakneck speeds. How did you accomplish this from a technical perspective?

Q : There's a technical term — temporal injection — that Insomniac has used to great effect in Ratchet & Clank and now in Marvel's Spider-Man. What is temporal injection, and how have you modified its implementation between your last PS4 Pro project and this one?

Q : One of the first things a Spider-Man game needs to get right is the swinging. How did Insomniac approach this development challenge? Can you describe the physics that go into the perfect Spidey swing?

Q : What resolution does Marvel's Spider-Man render at on PS4 Pro when connected to a 4K display? How does it render when connected to a 1080p display?

Q : What details can you share about the HDR implementation for displays that support it? Any details players should watch for when playing with HDR enabled?

Q : Anything else players should keep their eyes peeled for while playing the game?

Q : Do you have any advice for developers who are considering developing for PS4 and PS4 Pro?

Q : The story in the game is fantastic, and the cutscenes are full of detail—at times it feels like watching a Marvel movie. How did you need to push your technology to get to this point?


Inside Marvel's Spider-Man - How Insomniac Perfected Web-Swinging
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God of War - Comic-Con 2018 Full Panel (49:34)
*Experience how the reinvigoration of God of War, began with a simple comic and what it took to reach store shelves. Members of the pre-production team Cory Barlog (game director), Joe M. Kennedy (senior concept artist), Eric Williams (senior designer), and Bruno Velazquez (animation director), with moderator Alanah Pearce, share their stories, deleted scenes, and early prototypes and visuals, including "The Hunt," an original short story and comic by Cory Barlog.
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A 25 minute feature about how we worked with experts in the field of neuroscience and those with lived experience of voice hearing to create a truthful representation of psychosis in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

Hellblade: Senua's Psychosis | Mental Health Feature
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