Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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Jo nimi Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty sisältää tarinallisen vihjeen

Team Ninja antoi vihjeitä pelin tarinasta Gamescomissa.

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Gamescomissa Gamereactor pääsi haastattelemaan Team Ninjaa, ja tarkemmin sanottuna Wo Long: Fallen Dynastyn tuottajia Fumihiko Yasuda ja Masaaki Yamagiwa. Samalla saatiin vihjeitä tarinasta, joka sijoittuu Kiinan kolmen valtakunnan aikaan (220-280 jKr.).

Jo nimi Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty paljastaa lohikäärmeen, joka liittyy päähenkilöön itseensä.

"The title itself also mentions a dragon in this world, so this is one of the main concepts we're looking for. It focuses a lot on dragons, so you're right about that. The dragon is like that kind of secret entity, a somehow divine beast or creature. And that's what the game will be focused on."

"You have your character in the game, which is the main character you'll play as, and somehow he goes from being a simple soldier or military man to 'rising' through the ranks. You'll get stronger, you'll get more skills and weapons and stuff.It will also be very important in the story, because it's also part of this period before a lot of famous characters in China came out, so you'll be part of that change."

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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