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Watch Dogs
  • 22. toukokuuta 2014
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Watch Dogs


The protagonist of Watch Dogs is Aiden Pearce (voiced by Noam Jenkins). He seeks revenge for those who are responsible for the loss of his family.


Aiden is able to hack surveillance cameras and many other devices with his smart phone.

The game allows the player to use a variety of ways to cope with their targets. The player can hack into civilians' phones in order to get their bank details and then steal their money from an ATM. The player gets information about the civilians augmented reality input, showing the population register, and potential health behaviour. Objectives like potential victim following to protect him, increases your reputation. Killing civilians will low your reputation.

Watch Dogs has an open world, so you can explore Ubisoft's version of Chicago free.


The multiplayer game is in many different forms, which have not been clearly revealed. However, another player can hack into your world, hide close to you and steal your data.

Character customization

Aiden can be customized in various ways. You can upgrade his skills with skill points and change his clothing.