Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

FormaL on eläköitynyt kilpailullisesta pelaamisesta

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Viikko sitten Call of Duty League Championshipissa tapahtui, ja nyt OpTic Chicagon pelaaja Matthew "FormaL" Piper on nyt ilmoittanut eläköityvänsä kilpailullisesta pelaamisesta 11 vuoden e-urheiluammattilaisen uran jälkeen. Asiasta kerrottiin Twitterissä.

"Here we are, 11 years down the's been a wild ride. Learned a lot about myself through this journey, and I can say I'm happy with what I leave behind."

"If you're wondering why I'd like to pursue other options from competing, it just isn't the same anymore. After 10 years of scrims, tournaments, and just grinding altogether it can get tiresome. I do believe I could still compete, but it'd be just straight up selfish to whoever I'd be playing with, knowing I might not give them my all. I wish nothing but the best to all my friends still competing, truly."

Tulevaisuudessa suunnitelmissa on ainakin toimia sisällöntuottajana. Eli siis pelata pelejä ilman kilpailemisen pakkoa.

"That's all I've got for you guys for now, thanks for taking time to read this, and just know this isn't a goodbye, it's just a step towards having more fun and enjoying video games without the added stress of competing."

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
Photo: Major League Gaming

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