Avowed päästää pelaajan flirttailemaan, mutta ei luomaan romansseja

Romansseja ei pelissä ole.

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Nykyajan roolipeleissä on varsin tavallista, että pelaaja pääsee pystyttämään romansseja muiden pelihahmojen kanssa. Obsidian Entertainmentin 12. marraskuuta 2024 julkaistava Avowed ei päästä pelaajia romanssin pyörteisiin.

Game Informerille puhunut peliohjaaja Carrie Patel kertoi syyksi sen, ettei siihen haluttu panostaa niin paljon kuin se olisi vaatinut. Flirttailemaan kuitenkin pääsee.

"It's something that we thought very hard about, and we talked about it as a narrative team. I think if you're going to invest in romance, everyone who's writing them needs to be absolutely, fully bought in. And the other thing you need to do is make sure that if you're going to provide that path, that you're balancing that with an equally meaningful and well-developed, non-romantic path because you never want players to feel that, 'Well, the only way I really get to know this character or really get to form a meaningful bond with them, is if I commit to romancing them, which maybe isn't something I want to do.'"

"So, for all of those reasons, we decided to forego romances, specifically in Avowed. But we still built a lot of content around getting to know your companions. Forging deeper bonds with them and coming to understand their stories."


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